ADFTECH— is a new level of maintenance of fire safety performance.

The nanotechnology is based on microencapsulation of extinguishing agent, which significantly reduces the risk of fire at the earliest stages.

ADFTECH products suppress fire due to the chemical structure of thermal extinguishing agent microcapsules, which break up at the seat of the fire generating "heavy" free radicals which terminate kinetic chains of the combustion process ceasing its growth in few seconds.

Moreover, the products of thermal degradation generated by the extinguishing agent provide insulation of the fire spots from outside, creating a gas "dome" of heavy degradation products and reliably preventing re-ignition thereof.

The advantages of ADFTECH products include ease of installation and operation, as well as maintenance, lack of false actuation and the emergence of hazards when operated.

ADFTECH products are the initial freewheeling automatic link of any fire protection system, suppressing the very source of fire. The link is actuated regardless of alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, emergency power outages and human element. ADFTECH products do not replace but complements regular firefighting systems, fundamentally improving reliability of protection against fire.