About us Our company "ADF Tech Industries" based in United States, was formed to target the growing markets for Fire Protection Industry and Freezing System.

As a licensed and global exporting agent to several patent holders and business leaders in the Technology Industry, “ADF Tech Industries” offers new level of technology, from Fire Safety performance to Freezing System, specially designed and manufactured by high profile Russian Technologists.
“ADF Tech Industries” offers unmatched innovative Fire Extinguishing systems with Thermal Fire-Extinguishing Agent from standard to Customized Solutions.

We supply high quality Fire Suppression Systems unknown to the Fire & Safety Industry for every application, which significantly reduces the risk of fire at the earliest stages.

"ADF Tech Industries" also offers Acoustic Extra Freezer “AEF” Freezing system, which is the newest in the market. We supply high-tech Acoustic Extra Freezing “AEF” system that will replace the ancient “Shock Freezing Technology”.

AEF Freezing System provides fresh-like quality of frozen food. Fish, Meat, Caviar, Vegetables, Berries, Porcini, Seafood, Cakes and ready-to-cook food.

Our Acoustic Extra Freezer “AEF” Freezing system is twice better than IQF, better than Shock Freezing, designed and manufactured by Russian Aerospace Engineers.

Never buy Shock Freezer before testing Acoustic Extra Freezer. Get the quality of frozen foods all year round.

It is our everyday job, desire and passion to lead, and offer the best and top-notch technology with our unique products and design.